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Timo ODE Seating System

The ODE Seating System from Timo provides advanced posture management.  Designed for children and youths who require physical assistance in their daily lives, the ODE helps build the foundation for independent mobility with an advanced posture management system.  It is one of the most versatile seating systems with the option of two bases:  Indoor and Outdoor – both with Tilt-In-Space and Hi-Lo functions, and a range of fantastic features that offer precision, comfort, and ease of use.


ODE is the only seating system in the market that adjusts with natural joint movement due to precisely positioned hinge points. Adjustments are tool-free and done without removing or adding anything.  All adjustments are made outside the chair enabling the child to be seated comfortably.

Other features include:

  • Ease of use and wide growth range without changing parts.
  • Height and angle adjustable rest.
  • Either simultaneous or independent tilt and rotational function of the lumbar support and back rest.
  • Individual adjustable leg abduction and adduction.

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