Kymberly Martin

Free print service from Vision Australia

People with low vision, who have difficulty reading print material or are unable to read print due to a physical or learning disability, then Vision Australia could help.


VA offers an Accessible Format Production Service that allows you to request up to 360 print pages to be converted to a preferred accessible format such as braille, audio, large print, tactual graphics or electronic text on a financial year basis.

Some examples of Accessible Format requests are:

• Transcribe personal records and documents


• Convert appliance instructions and manuals

• Make recipe books accessible to cook favourite meals

• Navigate a way out and about with tactile maps

• Read a favourite book in your preferred format.

Eligible materials include personal letters, appliance instructions, legal documents, recipes, music, knitting patterns, diagrams, maps, books, magazines and newspapers.

Format conversions under this service is limited to print materials for a client’s personal use.  The service is funded through the Federal Government’s Print Disability Grant.

VA also provides transcription services for accessible education materials for a child or student attending school or university.

For more information on these free accessible format conversions email: or call: 1300 84 74 66.