Kymberly Martin

Have your say on improving access in the community

Mission Australia has launched a national survey intended to find ways to improve access and inclusion in the community.


The Community Access and Inclusion Survey wants input from people about their experiences around disability – from people living with a disability and those who work, live or know someone with a disability.

Mission Australia North Queensland regional leader Dr Phil Flint said community members will use feedback to find practical solutions to reduce obstacles for people living with a disability.

“If you are a person with a disability or know someone who has a disability, then this survey is for you,” he said. “It’s also for anyone who may experience barriers to access, such as parents with strollers who need good pathways.


“Not all disabilities are visible and it’s important we take measures to ensure everyone is able to participate in community life. Many barriers such as sensory accessibility, get overlooked, and the pandemic has highlighted this as many were left more isolated than ever,” he said.

“We are eager to hear from a broad range of people who have something valuable to share and your story can make a tangible difference in improving services not just in FNQ, but across Australia.”

The survey will be conducted online, but to ensure accessibility, Braille, Auslan and Easy Read versions are also available.

“If you don’t feel comfortable answering a question, you can skip it,” Dr Flint said. “We also want to know about initiatives we can support to make it easier for people with disability in your area to participate in community life to create greater inclusion.”

The survey takes about five minutes and can be completed here. It is open until April 8.