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NP Car Park from Access HomesA website to help older people with home modification solutions has been launched.  The number of ageing Australians is increasing rapidly with 4.5 million now over the age of 60, representing nearly 20 per cent of the population.

And where do they want to live? In their homes, according to a survey from the US that has identified a popular Ageing In Place trend that is surely relevant to Australians. The term describes a person living in a residence of choice for as long as possible.

Ageing In Place may well be the most financially prudent and essential housing option for seniors with the physical ability to remain at home,” said Morris Goding Access Consulting, director, David Goding.

In response to this new age trend, Access Homes has launched the website that provides practical advice and certification for home modifications and details on local support networks including a directory for nursing, occupational therapists, homecare, financial assistance and certified builders.  The site also has information about the latest technology equipment to assist the aged living at home.

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