Empower Golf, a finalist in the SunSuper Dreams for a Better World, needs your vote. This is so it can proceed to the grand final with the chance to win up to $50,000. Empower Golf works with golf facilities, communities and organisations across Australia to facilitate and promote golf clinics for people with disabilities.

A ‘Dreams for a Better World’ grant will help to expand its program nationally and give people of all abilities the chance to enjoy sport. 

Over the past 12 months Empower Golf has delivered over 200 clinics to 2,000 people across 40 golf courses in five states, employed three people with a disability and held the first fully inclusive multi-disability golf tournament, with plans to increase its presence to 30 facilities nationally. In conjunction with its success with golf, Empower is beginning to initiate its presence in other sports including swimming, kayaking, cycling, bushwalking and more.

To date Empower Golf has established 12 fully inclusive facilities across four states, which provide the following:

• Physical access to the course, clubhouse and other amenities

• Adaptive equipment including the incredible ParaGolfer an all-terrain stand-up wheelchair designed specifically for golf but can be used for all stand-up outdoor activities such as fishing, archery and more

• Educated, enthusiastic and committed PGA professionals, staff, members, management and community about people playing sport with a disability

• Regular development clinics for individuals to try and improve their golf

• Volunteer programs normally supported by members

For more information and to vote visit: www.empowergolf.com.au