Kymberly Martin

Quickie Krypton Carbon Fibre Wheelchair

Take your seat and you‘ll feel the difference. Utilising innovative and seamless carbon braid technology, the Quickie Krypton range features an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre frame resulting in supreme rigidity for an ultra-responsive ride.  Available in both a rigid and folding frame, the Quickie Krypton’s revolutionary carbon braid technology produces a staggering strength-to-weight ratio. Strong wherever necessary, light wherever possible!


QUICKIE KRYPTON R – From just 3.65kg in transit, this ultralight, rigid wheelchair, offers an infinitely adjustable centre of gravity, fine-tuning of the front and rear seat heights and backrest angle adjustment ensuring phenomenal rigidity and razor-sharp agility.

QUICKIE KRYPTON F – With a starting transit weight from just 5.8kgs the ultralight folding wheelchair features an ingeniously designed cross-brace that fits so neatly under the seat it’s barely noticeable, giving a very minimalistic, open-frame feel.

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