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A series of seminars on a variety of topics related to autism will be debated for the first time at the Spotlight on Autism program at the ATSA Melbourne expo.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting communication, social interaction and behaviour. Autism prevalence in Australia is estimated to be around one in 70 people with many facing significant challenges in education, employment and social inclusion.

To bring about change, it is necessary to re-examine perceptions and challenge beliefs to improve life outcomes. For many, this can mean changing their views and perceptions about using technology and embracing tools and effective resources that can assist with the health and well-being of people with autism.

Among the seminar speakers are disability advocate Daniel Giles and his father Daryl Giles (Speaking Insights) with a presentation, From Autism Diagnosis to OAM on Wednesday May 25 at 1pm, followed by Cristina de Moraes Leme (We Coach) on Making Invisible Disabilities Invisible. At 3.15 there will be a panel discussion, Autism Support Apps, facilitated by Anita Aherne (Living on the Spectrum), with guests Michelle Ridsdale (Kaboose app), Jewels Harrison (Unique Star Shine app) and Dwayne Fernandes (Minds at Play).

On Thursday May 25 at 1pm will be another panel discussion, Sensory Self-Harm Prevention, facilitated by Anita Aherne, with guests Annelil Desille (Own Your Mental), Joanne Seymon (Kaiko Fidgets) and Emma Clegg (Jam the Label), then at 2pm Maximising Autism Support with Allied Health Assistants, with Nikita Fernandes.

Limited seats for the sessions are available – register now at: