It’s time to apply for a Variety Heart Scholarship.  Variety supports children living with disability, chronic illness, geographic isolation and financial hardship, by providing practical equipment, programs and care, chief executive, David Sexton told F2L.

“Variety’s vision is for all Australian children to attain their full potential, regardless of ability or background,” he said. Scholarships are awarded in education, sports and the arts.

To apply you must be an Australian citizen, live in NSW or the ACT, aged between six to 18 years and demonstrate an existing talent in these three nominated three areas.  Applications close August 27, 2017.

Last year the children’s charity distributed $3.1million in funding that directly impacted over 38,000 children in NSW.

Variety NSW and Sports NSW also run sports days in metropolitan and regional centres designed to give 5-18 year olds the opportunity to participate in active recreation and organised sports.

To apply for the scholarships go to: and for information on the sports program visit: