Neeki has developed a unique style of fitted sheet for ease of movement in bed.  The Wonder Sheet combines a glossy charmeuse satin section in the centre of the sheet with either 100 per cent Egyptian cotton or 50/50 poly/cotton at each end. This effective therapeutic tool enables the user to turn over with more ease in bed by gripping their feet on the bottom fabric. This allows leverage to move bottom and hip area more easily on the slippery satin fabric, so rolling over or swinging in or out of bed becomes more effortless.


  • It compliments existing equipment like a hoist or bed stick – using them together requires less physical effort and reduces stress on the body
  • It is non-clinical, comfortable and luxurious – saves on other equipment such as a slide sheet which is used to turn or move a person in bed
  • Moving and handling for the carer or therapist more comfortable as there is less physical strain on the body.
  • Improves health and wellbeing by reducing bed sores and improving circulation because user can move more readily