Floor furnishings are a major consideration when ensuring the level of accessibility. Floor finishes should lie flat on the ground, be easy to clean, durable and non-slip.

All these have a big influence on the level of safety and access in the home.  Loose rugs are not recommended and if carpet is the preferred choice, pile height should be no greater than 11mm with 4mm maximum backing surface to ensure an easily traversable surface.  Also, power wheelchairs have a tendency to wear out carpet.

Tile surfaces are more resilient to wear and tear as well as being easier to clean. Where practical, flooring should extend under all cabinetry and appliances. Floors should have a non-slip surface, especially in outdoor areas.  Generally, all internal wet areas will need a suitable slip-resistant floor surface with a minimum ‘X’ rating using a wet pendulum test. Wet areas must have a set down to allow a flush path of travel between different surfaces and rooms, especially when modifying bathrooms.

Details: www.accesshomes.com.au