The annual Perth Web Accessibility Camp returns on February 21. Hosted by VisAbility it is said to be one of the largest accessibility events in the Southern Hemisphere. The online and in-person event is an opportunity for professionals, developers, designers and those interested in design, wanting to learn about new initiatives to make digital platforms more inclusive. It features international and local speakers who are experts in the web accessibility field.

Among the presentation topics and speakers are Accessibility projects at Telstra – Ben Pintos-Oliver; Higher Education for All project – Dr Scott Hollier, (Centre For Accessibility Australia); Accessibility Acceptance Criteria – Melanie O’Brienn, (Coles) and What are the new accessibility features in the social media – Vithya Vijayakumare, (VisAbility). There is also a case study of Accessibility in an insurance agency – from Kylie Pollock and Samantha Dancey, (TTC Global). 

Topic for the Great Debate X: Accessibility Overlays help solve our accessibility problems and a Workshop: How to assess accessibility throughout the project life cycle – from Bri Norton, (OZeWAI).      

Tickets for the one-day camp, is $50.

Tickets are available in person at:

To attend online go to: