Adam Broadstock made an entrance at the premiere of his film ‘The Man About Town’, arriving in a fire truck, in his home town Mackay, in North Queensland.

The 28-year-old who has autism, was chosen to feature in a documentary series titled ‘People With Disability Carving Careers’ – the fourth season of Feros Care’s Fearless Films franchise.

Season 4 is an all-inclusive series made by people living with disability, about people living with disability. It features the stories of six people engaged in meaningful employment, entrepreneurial or within a business, normalising disability in the workforce and highlighting the benefits to the wider community.

ASD is the acronym for Autism Spectrum Disorder but it is also the name of Adam’s business, Adam’s Special Deliveries – a play on words to build awareness in the community.

Since leaving school, he has built a successful mail collection and delivery business servicing clients around Mackay.

Client Chris Chan of Marchant Signs said Adam’s service has improved workplace productivity and morale.

“He’s always on time, he’s always got a smile on his face and he always has something interesting to say,” he said. “It’s important to be inclusive when you’re talking about employment in the workplace. There are so many different jobs around that there’s enough for everyone to do.”

Another client Rod Shultz from Mackay District Special School said having Adam’s service eases the load on office staff, but the benefits are two-fold. “Including people with disability in the workplace not only gives an opportunity to the worker, it creates a more compassionate and inclusive society, which is what we all want,” he said.