Curtin University wants people with a disability to participate in a digital TV study. The aim of the online research project is to investigate the views and needs of people with a disability about the role of digital television and the potential benefits and challenges of the digital television switch over.

Senior researcher, Kate Ellis, said the online survey is intended to help understand what people with a disability think about the representation of disability in television news and entertainment programs. The survey is also seeking opinion from users about accessibility options that will enable greater access to TV for people with a disability.

This survey is part of a three-phase research project that will also focus on the construction of an online forum where participants can meet and discuss their experiences with the switch over, as well as find and post information that might be useful to share.  Focus group interviews with participants will also be conducted.  Additionally there will be participant observation visits to see how people with a disability watch television in their home.

The first phase of the research, an online survey, is now open. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and is voluntary. Those interested can go to: Alternative formats are also available from