The ZX-1 is a new power-assist device for wheelchairs offering enhanced mobility. The ZX-1 Power Add On, clamps onto the camber bar of a rigid frame manual wheelchair and converts it into a powered chair with joystick controls. The joystick has a horn, charge indicator, chair mounting button and is adjustable for left or right hand operation and user arm length.

Because of its design it maintains the small footprint of the manual chair riding around small areas is not an issue. It fits widths of 15-20-inch and rear wheel sizes of 24, 25 and 26-inches. For 15-inch wide wheelchairs a minimum of 2-degree of camber is required. The device has a anti-tip mechanism that also allows for the front castors to be lifted  off the ground for rough terrain and small curbs.

The device is recommended for those wanting a powered chair but prefer to be seated in a manual chair or when a powered chair is used most of the time but when the portability of a manual chair is needed. It also suits those with upper limb weakness, strain or injuries or who suffer from fatigue over the course of the day.