A travel site for children has a new function that rates travel options for people with disability. The Kidzcationz site provides a platform for children to rate and share their travel experiences in a safe environment. The new option on the site allows people with disability and their families to research the most appropriate venue for their needs, based on other people’s experiences.

The travel site was created by 13-year old Dubbo NSW student, Bella Tipping, who designed her own version of TripAdvisor to ensure children have a voice in the travel space.

“Only someone with a family member with special needs can appreciate how difficult it can be to navigate suitable venues, restaurants and accommodation options when trying to arrange the family holiday. Now they can access and post their reviews on the site,” she said. By doing this it is hoped that the tourism industry will be encouraged to better support people with special needs, and in turn benefit by capturing a previously untapped market.

Caption: Bella Tipping

For more information visit: www.kidzcationz.com