Chris Nicholls was an executive with News Limited when a motorcycle accident left him aT6 paraplegic. His experience of peer support during rehabilitation inspired him to change direction and he later joined Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, where he is now general manager for transitional services.  Nicholls also had to reconsider the way he lived and, with his wife Jen, set about designing a house that would fulfil his special needs and those of his four young children.

At the recent Universal Design Conference he shared his house-building experience with delegates giving valuable advice, tips and challenges on accessible but smart living. Whether is it for a minor or major renovation for one room or 10, from choosing taps to appliance selections, his practical and innovative solutions for both indoors and outdoors is a ‘must read’ for anyone planning any type of home modification.

Click here to download Chris Nicholls’ presentation in full from the Universal Design Conference.