Boosta-Promo-Pic FINAL 2“My name is ‘Boosta’ and I am the latest live-in companion at Youngcare Share House, Wooloowin, in Brisbane. I came from the RSPCA at Wacol where I was subject to a fair amount of attention from the behavioural and adoption teams who were keen to find the right match to join the Wooloowin household. I heard on the doggie grapevine that I am a ‘cool dude’ so I guess that means the decision to let me join the group has been a favourable one. I like my new digs, (pun intended), meeting all the visitors and have been known to enjoy a good party. They sure eat well here. As well as keeping a watchful eye on the place I get to accompany the carers when they do their rounds. Apparently I have been such a success that plans are afoot to bring more of us ‘cool dudes’ into the share house system. There’s much to be said about being popular.”

And from the housemates at Wooloowin – Trina, Jenna, Nick and Brian – “A couple of residents expressed their desire to have a pet at the house even before moving in. So during the first few months of house-warming parties (we had a few!) and the settling-in period, we discussed all the logistics and practicalities of getting a dog, from a feeding routine to breed preferences and suitability. Trina was elected official ‘parent’ to our new four-legged housemate – our five and a half year-old, white bull terrier cross who has brought with him the opportunity for the housemates to become caregivers themselves. Boosta certainly brings that indescribable but undoubtedly therapeutic energy that pets bring to the spaces they inhabit along with the genuine love of being loved. Whether on trips to the beach, tearing around the yard chasing a ball or sitting and waiting patiently for a treat, Boosta has brought an aspect of care and love into the house that no human could. He is a ‘perfect match’ for home.”