This latest safety ramp from Ramp Ability is a variation on the traditional rubber threshold ramp. The Night Glow features new and unique ‘glow in the dark’ safety guidance strips. These can be easily placed vertically on both sides of the ramp to give guidance in the dark and is also a high visual guide during the day.  The strips are recessed into the ramp for a flush finish to prevent becoming a trip hazard.

The glow strips are charged by absorbing light from various sources including the sun, fluorescent lighting, LED light and natural daylight when conditions are overcast.  The glow strips are weather resistant, impact resistant and UV resistant, designed to last in excess of 10 years in normal outdoor environments. The strips can be full charged in a short time, usually 10-20 minutes when a strong light source is present – the stronger the light source, the better the glow duration.  When fully charged the strip will glow for up to 14 hours.

Designed as a safe alternative where side wings may not be possible, the strips are ideal for use in residential situations, in aged care facilities, schools, community care locations or just about anywhere.

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