The Jazzy EVO 613 Li gives you all the best that Pride has to offer with patented Active-Tracsuspension and exclusive Mid-Wheel 6 technology, providing a smoother, more stable ride on uneven surfaces. Not only is it one of the most impressive wheelchairs on the market, the Jazzy EVO 613 Li is also one of the narrowest and most manoeuvrable. With a 56 cm base width and impressive 56 cm turning radius, it’s the perfect power wheelchair for indoors, allowing you to effortlessly move through doorways and around tight corners.

Continuing to push the limits, the Jazzy EVO 613 Li has a travel distance of up to 27.5 km per charge and a top speed of 7.8 km/h. Equipped with a lithium battery that lasts longer, charges faster and weighs less, the Jazzy EVO 613 Li stands on the shoulders of the industry-defining designs of its forebearers.

Rider experience was a clear priority in the design of the Jazzy EVO 613 Li. With a fully adjustable high-back seat, adjustable armrests, and foot platform, the user can easily make changes to their power chair to suit their body dimensions and ensure the most comfortable position at all times. The chair can swivel for accessible transfers and to help the user pull up to tables easier. The controller and batteries can also be accessed while the user remains seated for additional convenience.

The Jazzy EVO 613 power wheelchair with lithium batteries represent a philosophy at Pride Mobility, constantly improving, innovating, and pushing boundaries.

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