Invacare has launched a stylish, lightweight and foldable Action 4NG wheelchair. This next-generation heavy duty wheelchair comes with a host of features including a new market standard built to take a user weight of 160kg.

The Action 4NG is available in several versions that deliver a wide range of options that fully covers user needs. These include both the Standard (self-propelling) and Heavy Duty models which have been joined by the Transit (for use with attendant), the Hemi OAD (one arm drive) and a DHR (double hand-rim) model. Due to platform-sharing with the Action 2NG and Action 3NG, the functional needs of users and carers are easily covered for optimal everyday use.

All models put safety first, offering increased stability from a double crossbar and a rear frame design for extra solidity of backrest canes.

Wheelchair cross-compatibility is an Invacare hallmark and the Action 4NG is no exception. It is not only highly configurable with other members of the Action family, but can be integrated with Invacare ranges, such as Rea. This cross-compatibility gives users an economic advantage in terms of greater lifespan for the wheelchair.

The universal appeal of the Action 4NG is continued in the modern design that includes three new colour ways to suit both men and women.

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