Spinal Cord Injury Big Day OffBusiness and employees are invited to get involved in a fundraising event for people with spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and SpinalCure Australia have launched ‘The Big Day Off’ campaign. Business simply register on the website and donate a number of days off for their staff, who buy $5 raffle tickets through the site to win a day off work that is not taken out of their annual leave.

“It does not cost business anything to participate as all administration is managed by Big Day Off and businesses can build staff morale and engagement by supporting such a worthwhile cause,” said Spinal Cord Injuries Australia CEO, Peter Perry.

The concept was inspired by James McQuillan (pictured with his family) a 21-year old with quadriplegia who was injured during a routine collision in an AFL match in Albury. His hope is that the concept will become a long-lasting fundraising legacy for people living with the daily reality of spinal cord injury in its support and quest for a cure. The initiative runs until June 30, 2015.

To register your business or nominate a workplace visit: www.bigdayoff.org.au