An app that helps enrich story time for children who are deaf or hard of hearing has been launched by Huawei Australia. The StorySign uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create an authentic reading experience and features the popular children’s book, Where’s Spot. The app translates the book into sign language page by page to deliver a story time experience for both parent and child.

Huawei Australia has entered into a partnership with Deaf Australia to help raise awareness of deaf literacy more broadly in the community.

Deaf children don’t learn to read in the same way as hearing children, Deaf Australia CEO, Kyle Miers said, and many struggle to learn how to read because they can’t match words with sounds. “The deaf community is in need of accessible content to address children’s literacy development needs and digital tools like StorySign are addressing this necessity.

“For this reason, we are privileged to be working with Huawei on the StorySign project and how, through the use of AI and innovative technology, it could enrich the lives of Australian deaf children and their families in a meaningful way.”

Huawei Australia corporate responsibility manager, Lisa Connors, said the company believes in the power of AI and how the technology can make a positive difference in the world. “We created StorySign to help make it possible for families with deaf children to enjoy the magical moments of story time.”

Created with experts and charities from the deaf community in Australia, the UK and Europe, StorySign was developed to ensure its use as a genuinely useful tool for families with deaf and hearing-impaired children.

StorySign can be downloaded free from Google Play Store and the Huawei AppGallery and is compatible with Auslan.

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