Andrew Kerec, a Canberra builder who has just broken the record for crossing Australia west to east on a bike, arrived back in Canberra riding down the Canberra Airport runway. Picture by Gary Ramage

It’s taken 61 days over 6000km, raised more than $160,000, all accomplished on a mountain bike ridden across Australia.

Andrew Kerec was on a mission…to raise funds for disability services provider Hartley Lifecare and Spinal Cure Australia, that started in June from Steep Point, WA, across the Simpson Desert, to Byron Bay, finally ending in Canberra on September 10.

Kerec had the rare privilege of riding the runway at Canberra Airport on the last leg of his journey before joining his cycling team on the final 8km ride to his parents home.

The motivation to embark on this epic, and what turned out to be a record-breaking trip was his father Ludwig, a former Ironman, who suffered a spinal cord injury several years ago, who joined him on the path home.

His record attempt has been registered with the Road Record Association of Australia.

As to future bike challenges, after the Hartley Cycle Challenge in November: no more marathons!

Photo credit: Gary Ramage – The Canberra Times