Paraquad South Australia (PQSA) has delivered a major service boost to people living with spinal cord injury, with new therapy facilities and equipment at their Dulwich headquarters that includes two new therapy rooms.

In addition, there is a kitchen that has been constructed to accommodate people with disabilities with features such as height adjustable benches, cabinets, accessible appliances and movable shelving.

PQSA CEO, Peter Stewart, these are just one example of its commitment to improving the lives for people with spinal cord injuries and the broader disability community.

“We often work with hospitals, councils and organisations to fund the delivery of equipment and aids that improve access to social activities, events and vocational training,” he said.

PQSA recently funded delivery of a 30-metre-long beach mat and two beach chairs at Glenelg beach, giving beach access to people with spinal cord injuries or mobility issues.

Vehicle accidents result in 46 per cent of traumatic injuries while 36 per cent are from falls. The incidence of injury resulting from falls continues to rise with over one third of traumatic spinal cord injury cases attributed to a fall of some kind.

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