Kymberly Martin

Rifton HTS Hi-Lo – for children with disability

Rifton produce outstanding adaptive and mobility equipment to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities.  A Hi-Lo Base is now available for the Rifton Hygiene and Toileting (HTS) chair which is height adjustable and activated using a simple foot pedal.  The fantastic innovation of the Rifton HTS is the result of many years’ research and clinical experience. It is a unique, versatile Tilt-In-Space commode system with tool-free adjustment and customisation features for ease of operation to provide comfort and security for children while offering caregivers ease and simplicity.  Suitable for children with mild to moderate physical disabilities.


Features of the HTS with Hi-Lo include:

  • Easy Adjustment:  The Hi-Lo sub frame means that parents and care givers can adjust with the child in the chair.
  • Simple Customisation:  Tool-free adjustments for easy customisation and adaption.
  • Individual Modification: Back angle can be adjusted from (-) 6 degrees to 18 degrees; the sub-frame can be adjusted in height and angle; variable seat angle at any height.  The multifunctional seat unit can be adjusted in the seat depth; the headrest can be adjusted in height, depth and angle.
  • Stability: Thorax pelotte pad; armrest; thigh guide; and an abduction wedge helps provide stability and support.
  • Flexible:  The Hi-Lo base and other available sub-frames make HTS highly flexible and adaptable to any room.
  • Compatibility:   Size 1 Hi-Lo base is compatible with HTS Small and Medium. Sizes 2 and 3 Hi-Lo bases are compatible with HTS Large.

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