Dollar pic 2To assists people with vision impairment the next generation of Australian banknotes will include a tactile feature.  The governor of the Reserve Bank, Glenn Stevens said the addition of the tactile feature will further assist people with vision impairment to tell the difference between denominations. Existing features including bright colours, large and bold numbers and different sizes for each denomination of banknotes will be maintained on the new series of banknotes.

The decision is the culmination of extensive research by the bank into whether an effective and durable tactile marking could be included on Australian banknotes. This included consultation with the vision impaired community, other stakeholders and overseas central banks. A petition for this new series of banknotes was started a year ago by 13-year old Connor McLeod who has been blind since birth. His campaign led to a meeting with the RBA that led to the announcement.

Testing and trialling process for the new banknotes is ongoing and designs have still to be finalised. Details about the new designs, release dates and how they will be issued will be delivered in a timely way, so the public can be confident they understand how to recognise and use the new banknotes.

The Reserve Bank will also continue to fund the production of the cash test card. The device uses the length differentials to help distinguish banknotes. It is provided free by Blind Citizens Australia.

For more information contact Blind Citizens Australia on: 1800 033 660