Folding Power wheelchair, Carbon, Lightweight, Quickie Q50 Carbon

Light on Weight, Heavy on Reliability.

For over 40 years, Sunrise has been working alongside world class manufacturers to deliver solidly built powerchairs that have the very-best driving performance, motors, range, and reliability that others just can’t match. Now we’ve taken that technology one step further by developing a super light-weight folding power wheelchair that will take you to all the destinations you want to go.  

The Q50 R Carbon’s 250W high efficiency brushless motors provide the power and reliability you need from your powerchair while the electronics and joystick package provide the programming to make it very easy and intuitive to drive. Charging is easy – either through the charging port on the joystick or you can bring the battery with you to remotely charge if you need to leave the wheelchair outside.  It’s available with an optional additional battery, offering up to 24km distance.    

Whether you are traveling on long-haul getaways, a simple family break or a daily commute, the Q50R Carbon is your perfect travelling partner. Weighing a mere 14.5 kg, itsfabricated from premium carbon fibre, so its never a worry to load.  Take a load off your mind (and your arms) knowing that this is an effortless powerchair to lift.

Or if airline travel is your thing, the Q50 Carbon’s Lithium Ion battery is also IATA approved for transportation via aircraft.  Please always remember to check with your airline before flying. 

Foldable in seconds, it stores snugly away in the tightest of places too and all without removing the battery.  Simply release the clip and the back will fold down. It’s so compact, it will fit into smallest of car boots, closets or entryways.  

Get adventurous!  Where will the Q50 Carbon Folding Power wheelchair take you today?