PolySpine is a supportive back and trunk support that moulds into your back for optimum comfort and postural support.  A pelvic belt and harness are also key features to provide anterior support for you to be best supported.  PolySpine is modular so as you grow, the spine can grow with you by adding ‘vertebrae’ to the spine and moulding it into the shape of your back.

PolySpine is designed to fit a range of attachments for different types of activities to promote participation.  Activities such as having a picnic with friends and family, sitting on the beach, sitting in a camping chair around a campfire or sitting in a kayak or in a trike buggy can be achieved through using PolySpine to support you.

The aim is to get you out of your wheelchair and participating in activities that may not have previously been possible.

PolySpine is designed to support people with a high level of physical disability. 

For more information and to set up a trial, contact PolySpine’s occupational therapist, Liz Nade: liz@polyspine.com

Watch out for us at the ATSA Independent Living Expo in Canberra too!