The Occupational Therapy For Children Group (OTFC) has launched a state-of-the art facility in Parkside, South Australia, making it one of the biggest private service providers in the country.

The facility will help reduce wait times and see more children and young people assessed and engaged in therapeutic programs in clinics, schools and the community.

Group clinical director, Dino Mennillo said the need for OT services is higher than ever, with more than 41,000 active NDIS participants in South Australia and approximately 2000 providers trying to service them. “We have created and invested in globally recognised certified programs, research, and our customised therapy equipment and spaces.”

OTFC have an open-door policy to parents, other OTs around the globe, medical and allied health professionals, educators and anyone else wanting to thrive in this industry. “We collaborate with schools and other allied health professionals and welcome them to spend a day at our practices to understand our therapeutic approach and the outcomes we are working towards,” he said.

The new site will generate 10 new jobs and student placements will increase to 12 a year.