Learn about the new lightweight and adjustable Dreamline Ignite active backrest in this Q&A.

Permobil Australia marketing specialist, Sergei Lazarev spoke to Roydon Scarlett, general manager of Rolapal, manufacturer of the new device.

Q: The Ignite Series backrest is a new addition to the Dreamline Seating range this year. What drove your team to design the Ignite Series backrest?

A: The whole journey from design to launch of the new Ignite Series has been very exciting. Thanks to a wide range of feedback, from users to therapists, the Dreamline team had identified elements of Active backrests which, when incorporated, could really improve the sitting & functional experience.

Q: As a wheelchair user, I found that not every Active backrest suited me in terms of shape and comfort. How is the Ignite Series different?

A: The Ignite series has a contour profile unique to most Active backrests. Rather than using a ‘barrel’ shaped backrest design which merges into the laterals, the Ignite series has been designed with a more open rear section and more defined laterals. This approach is created to encourage a more neutral sitting posture and also to suit a broader range of body shapes.

Q: It sounds like a lot of emphasis was placed on new material design and quality. Was this in response to user feedback?

A: Yes. The new Flo2 fabric with its soft and smooth feel enables unrestricted immersion into the Sunmate Viscoelastic overlaid high-resilient foam. Many users experience extra heat with the close contours of Active backrests, so the design of the pad with its air-flow channels and breather holes work together with the moisture wicking, breathable Flo2 fabric to help keep the user cool.

Q: Finally, the Ignite Series promises to be both sporty yet adjustable. How adjustable is this new backrest?

A: The Ignite is designed to first fit the user, then fit the wheelchair. A large selection of positioning pads is supplied standard, plus the option of the BAC backrest system upgrade. The brackets also allow enormous adjustability with up to 4” of width, 5” of depth & up to 60° (+/-) 30° of angle adjustment.

The new Dreamline Ignite Series backrest is distributed by Permobil Austalia and is available in lightweight carbon fibre or aluminium. Visit: permobil.com/en-au or email: info.au@permobil.com