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The Ormesa Grillo is a gait trainer designed to help make a child’s or adult’s self-movement easier. Its unique design allows the one frame to be set up in either an anterior or posterior position, making it the most versatile gait trainer available.  It has many optional components and can be assembled in several different configurations. Optional components include two independent supports, a padded and adjustable pelvic support and a trunk support. These supports give control with comfort and are independently adjustable in height, width and circumference. In addition, a unique pelvic harness can be attached which supports the user in case of necessity without generating painful pressure. Other components are available such as arm supports, adjustable headrests, saddles and leg dividers.

The original design and height adjustable system makes the trainer unique in safety and elegance. All adjustments can be made with levers or handles without the need for tools. Thanks to its constant centre of gravity it is easy to adjust when the user is positioned in the frame and all adjustments are fast and safe. The entire frame is collapsible through one single operation for easy transportation.

The Grillo caters to a wide range of users. There are four different sizes depending on the height of the user; mini, small, medium and large. Each size has several different configurations and all components are interchangeable and can be easily added or removed.

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To view the product brochure, click here