Kymberly Martin

Video celebrates International Day of People with Disability

To coincide with International Day of People with Disability on December 3, Kids music group Coco and The Cockatoos, featuring 11-year old schoolgirl Coco Espie, will release an animated video for ‘The Outback Song’ from their ‘Wild Life’ debut album.


Coco has cerebral palsy and the video release shares The Cockatoos’ positivity about there being possibilities for all children to ‘have a go’.

‘The Outback Song’ is based on Coco’s own family holiday in Central Australia and features Uncle Brendan Japangardi Kerin from Central Australia who plays traditional emu and kangaroo songs on the yidaki (didgeridoo). The song tells the tale of a camel eating grass, a fast running emu and hopping kangaroos.

Sales from the ‘Wild Life’ album go to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, as well as the Taronga Conservation Society Australia and the Ocean Recovery Alliance.


Coco’s cerebral palsy and empathetic approach to life has given her a compassion for animals and children, which is why the ‘Wild Life’ album was co-created, written and recorded by Coco and singer songwriter Jane Walker, pictured, over a two year period beginning in 2017 when Coco was eight years old.