Almost 3000 people living with multiple sclerosis will have access to specialist services and support when the Multiple Sclerosis Society of South Australia and Northern Territory opens the doors to a first-of-its-kind Wellness Centre in Adelaide in April.

The fit-out of the building, which will also serve as the head office for the MS Society, has been designed with accessibility at its heart. Its specialised facilities and treatment areas have been co-designed with clients to help them reach and maintain their health and wellness goals.

Those living rurally and regionally will be supported through new state-of-the-art technology and online video conferencing equipment.

MS Society disability and inclusion advocate, Jess Worsley, who was diagnosed with MS in 2018, said the new centre would create a haven for wellness and understanding.

“This new Wellness Centre will be life-changing, not only for me and our current clients, but also for people who are diagnosed with this unforgiving neurological condition in decades to come,” she said. 

MS Society CEO Jannine Jackson said the move to the new building was an exciting step forward for the organisation and the community it serves.

“Our dream to have a place where people living with MS and other conditions are understood and supported holistically is coming to fruition,” she said. “The Wellness Centre will soon be in a position to offer more services tailored by our clients’ requests, and could include everything from mainstream to complementary therapies.”

The grand opening of the Wellness Centre will be on May 1, with client tours taking place the following week.