Autism services and education provider Aspect (Autism Spectrum Australia) has updated its branding with a new logo, colour scheme and thematic elements.

Designed to span the organisation’s website, social media assets, communications, and signage it will be introduced in stages across Aspect’s locations and schools.

Aspect chief marketing officer, Robyn Eicker said the adoption of Aspect as the predominant brand name is the result of an overwhelmingly positive response during concept testing. 

“The transition to ‘Aspect’ represents a meaningful shift from the traditionally emphasised name of Autism Spectrum Australia,” she said. “While both brand names are powerful and recognisable and will form part of the new branding, the single word Aspect resonated strongly with participants, students, families and staff.”

The organisation’s purpose, A Different Brilliant will remain as a key component of the branding.

Since the introduction of the NDIS the disability sector has evolved significantly, with an influx of new services and providers, along with a shift in participant and family expectations. 

“The landscape of the disability sector has progressed, with staff, participants and families seeking contemporary, innovative and relevant organisations to work with in partnership. Branding is becoming a far more important factor within this customer-led market,” Eicker said.

Aspect CEO Jacqui Borland said, “Our revitalised brand identity is a celebration of who we are, where we’ve come from and where we are headed, signalling we are poised to continue our journey of excellence and impact.”