Baumgartner GrandparentsThere has been a rise in the number of people accessing aged care services in their homes and in the community.  And demand can be expected to grow as the government provides more support to keep older people living independently.

According to a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 29 per cent of people from 65+ years accessed aged care services in 2010-11, up from 26 per cent in 2002-03. However, the biggest increase was for community care programs, which are being used by 79 per cent of all aged care clients now.  The majority of these were receiving Home and Community Care services.

In order to meet this growing demand for in-home care services the government is increasing the number of home packages by 80,000 over the next 10 years. There will also be a shift towards consumer-directed care for aged care in the home so people can decide for themselves how their care needs are met.

Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield said the report shows how aged care initiatives over the past decade have assisted older Australians. “It confirms the government focus on increasing people to stay in their homes and communities for longer is well-targeted.”

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