Kymberly Martin

Microsoft accessibility updated on Windows 11

Claimed to be the most inclusively designed version of Windows to date, Windows 11 has been developed for people with different abilities, needs and preferences.


According to Microsoft it started involving the disability community in the design process from day one. Deaf and hearing customers who found existing sounds “aggressive” led to them to mute the PC altogether. People who were blind said the startup chime was crucial to letting them know the computer was on which led to the design team exploring a new set of Windows sound.

Other innovations include four new Contrast Themes to meet the needs of people with light sensitivity, Voice Typing for people with limited mobility or for those who prefer to ‘speak’ than type and a Narrator screen reader for people who are blind. Accessibility Settings have also been rebranded and refreshed. The previous Ease of Access setting has been replaced with ‘Accessibility’ with a human figure icon.

According to Microsoft Windows 11 is easy to setup, with reduced steps and hassles, and can be integrated with the OS and other AT. For more details go to:  Disability Answer Desk