The Grabrail with Towel Rail range from Canterbury Concepts has been developed in consultation with users, installers, occupational therapists and health professionals as a safe and convenient solution in the bathroom as you can now use your grabrail and hang your towel underneath on the towel rail.

GTR features:


The safety of our grabrails is always paramount and has been of the utmost consideration throughout the development of the GTR range. The grabrail remains where it’s always been, positioned to be easily grabbed for stability and support. The towel rail design puts it beneath the grabrail and pushed back towards the wall ensuring its intended use as a towel rail only.


A great deal of detail went into the development of the GTR elbow. It looks smart and adds to the ambience of the home. Available in textured slip resistant and smooth finishes.


20mm diameter, available in 900mm and 1200mm lengths. The satin finish is stylish, and it is easy to slide towels over it for storage and drying.


The GTR range suits new installations and is a simple option for inclusion in our grabrail solutions.


An exciting feature is that the GTR can be retro fitted to any existing Canterbury Concepts grabrail.


Canterbury Concepts continues to uphold our tradition of proudly Australian made, proudly Australian owned.

This is a wonderful new product and we very much look forward to people taking advantage of the convenience of having somewhere to hang their towel while remaining safe within reach of our tried and trusted grabrails.

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