Kymberly Martin

Hoggi FLUX Walker promotes natural walking movements

Hoggi FLUX is a walking aid designed to encourage upright posture and natural walking movements allowing the child’s residual functions to be efficiently utilised and promoted. The sturdy, light-weight frame promotes a safe walking movement and it is claimed to be the only walker with height, vertical and horizontal adjustment that can be adapted to suit a child’s growth.


FLUX “grows with the child”, through the combination of rear height adjustment and height-adjustable grip bars. It also offers a safety lock, for ease of transport.

Reverse roll locks keep constant and reliable contact as the rear wheels lock as soon as they start rolling backwards. The wheels can be deactivated by a safety pin, so that FLUX can be allowed to roll forward and backward.

Hoggi FLUX is designed and hand built in Germany, and available in a range of colours and four sizes.  There is also an extensive selection of accessories to suit individual needs.


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