GSI news Doctor_in_a_medical_warehouseAn electronic product recall notification management system for therapeutic goods went live on April 1. GSI Recallnet Healthcare helps to improve patient safety by streamlining the management of product recalls for medicines, implants, medical equipment and medical consumables in the Australian market.

Therapeutic product recalls always present a significant challenge to the Australian healthcare industry, said GS1 Australia, CEO, Maria Palazzolo. “This portal will improve the therapeutic product recall notification process for the benefit and safety of all Australians.”

Since it was launched in late 2013, Queensland Health, Health Purchasing Victoria and SA Health have been running mock recall projects to test and update their procedure manuals and guidelines in order to be familiar with the system when it went live.

Key users are health product manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, health departments, hospitals, government agencies, pharmacies and pharmaceutical suppliers.

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