Kymberly Martin

Google Disability Support now includes American Sign Language

With 466 million people across the globe deaf or hard of hearing, it’s good news to hear Google now has American Sign Language (ASL) experts providing specialised technical support for its products and services.


Deaf and hearing-impaired people use services and apps like Google’s Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier to communicate and interact with others. Google’s Disability Support team of ‘inclusion advocates’ is now available to provide assistance with questions about the assistive features and functionalities of these products. Google staff also want to ‘improve and shape’ these products through feedback they receive from the people who use them.

The project resulted from Google’s partnership with Connect Direct, a subsidiary of Communication Service for the Deaf. CSD is the world’s largest deaf-led social impact organisation and a leader in creating and providing accessible technology solutions for the deaf community for over 40 years.

The service will function through video chat, using Connect Direct through TELUS International. Consumers can contact the support team by clicking on an ‘ASL Now’ button. They are then immediately connected to support representatives who are deaf and fluent in ASL. The service is available from Monday to Friday (Between 3am and midday AEST).


For further information visit Google’s Accessibility Help Center or visit: to connect with an ASL specialist.

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