Kymberly Martin

Medical support for bush fire communities

For the first time the Australian Government has deployed Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT) specialists in a domestic setting to provide medical support to people evacuated from bushfire-affected communities.


The eight specialists, two doctors, two nurses, two paramedics and two logisticians, will provide immediate clinical and logistical assistance to evacuees and assess the need for additional medical and health support services.

The acting chief medical officer is also in discussions with other jurisdictions about whether there is a need for additional AUSMAT specialists to be deployed.

The specialists currently positioned in East Sale, Victoria are working closely with Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services and defence personnel, to ensure their work complements that being conducted by medical staff already on site.


AUSMAT is one of a few World Health Organization globally-verified Type-2 emergency medical teams in the world. This support can be provided to any jurisdiction that seeks it and if other jurisdictions require AUSMAT support that demand will be met.

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