Kymberly Martin

Fun activities to fill in the school holidays

MyCareSpace has prepared a list of Covid-safe ideas for children to keep boredom at bay that F2L thinks are worth sharing.

  • Go camping in the garden, backyard, or living room –  if you have a tent it does not cost a thing.  Make some hotdogs and tell stories until kids fall asleep.
  • Plant a vegetable patch – you don’t need a garden for this. Most of the fun comes from finding containers to recycle such pots, painting them and planting the seeds.
  • Let the kids dig for fossils – bury a bunch of cheap dinosaur toys in the garden or yard – give everyone a plastic spade for digging. Or buy some inexpensive ‘replica’ dinosaur bones online or from a museum.
  • Make salt dough ornaments – bring out the creativity in the children making figurines, letters or animals. This helps to foster fine motor skills through sculpting, painting and threading.

For more safe school holiday activities and other resources phone: 1300 288 893 or email: [email protected]