The Australian made Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain wheelchair adapts to any environment for experiencing indoor and outdoor freedom.

A top seller globally, this mid-wheel drive electric wheelchair provides tremendous off road and kerb climbing capability thanks to the low pressure tyres that provide a smoother ride and give the wheelchair increased climbing ability.

The bogie arm is a feature on the Frontier V6 All Terrain model, designed to provide stabilisation and power easily over obstacles as well as providing more traction, especially when climbing up and down kerbs. With acceleration the bogie arm and castors lift, decreasing the size of the curb and making it easier to climb.

It comes with various seating options and can also fit aftermarket seating, with custom seating options for all body types. The chair can be converted to a narrower hybrid model with a simple tyre and wheel change.

All Magic Mobility powered wheelchairs come with a lifetime limited warranty on its famously robust frame, bogie and trailing arms and forks.

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