An International Indigenous Disability Research Conference, a first of its kind to be held at the University of Sydney, will take place over two days in November.

The symposium aims to explore and bring to light what the international platform of Indigenous disability research looks like under the United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIP) and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The objective is to develop a strategy for the university research centres in how they engage in the Indigenous research space on a global scale under the UNs DRIP and CRPD.

The event is being hosted by Indigenous scholars and staff from the Centre of Disability Research and Policy and the University of Sydney, led by Professor John Gilroy, supported by the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and the University Disability Inclusion Action Plan. 

The symposium will address three questions: 

  • What does the international disability research archive look like on a global scale?  
  • How can scholars respect and empower Indigenous people with disability in research and research translation that is culturally respectful for Indigenous people?  
  • What does decolonisation/Indigenisation mean in disability research? 

It will be held on November 22 (from 9am to 5pm) and November 23 (from 9am to 12pm) at the Susan Wakil Health Building on the Camperdown campus.

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