Kymberly Martin

Film premiere: Screening at Brain Injury Conference

Attendees at the National Brain Injury Conference will have the opportunity to see ‘Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery’, a TV documentary on survivors of traumatic brain injury that has picked up a swag of awards. US ABC news anchor and TBI survivor Bob Woodruff described the film as: “The best documentary traumatic on brain injury I’ve seen yet.”


It will get its Australian premiere on October 28 at the conference that is being held at the University of Melbourne campus on October 28 and 29, in partnership with The Melbourne Disability Institute.

“With 50 leading international and local clinicians and researchers in brain injury presenting, this is by far the strongest program content in the seven years the conference has been running,” Brain Injury Australia executive officer,  Nick Rushworth said. “And registration costs a fraction of what’s charged by comparable conferences.”

Presentations and panel discussions include the follow topics:

  • Breakthrough in neurotrauma research
  • Concussions and ‘mild’ TBI
  • Brain injury in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • TBI and ‘challenging behaviours’
  • What works in cognitive rehabilitation
  • People with brain injury and the criminal justice system
  • Domestic and family violence and brain injury
  • Inflicted TBI in children/shaken baby syndrome
  • Helmets – their efficacy, innovations in designs and materials
  • Employment for people with a brain injury

For more information go to: or PH: 1300 789 845