Kymberly Martin

Dejay Theraplay Tricycles – take them anywhere

Dejay has introduce the Theraplay range of Tricycles to Australian families.


These take anywhere bikes fold for easy transport and can also covert easily into a trailer bike. The T5 option includes front suspension and disc brakes for riding off-road.

Over the past five decades, Theraplay has conducted over 40,000 assessments where a rider gets the chance to take a cycle for a test ride. For many it is their first chance to cycle and for others it is an opportunity to try out bigger and newer models. The experience gained from this service has enabled Theraplay to create tricycles and cycles which can be customised for each individual rider.

Every individual’s requirements are unique and because of this Theraplay has designed cycles that are modular, so each rider can select what they want and need to make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding. If the rider’s requirements change, it is easy to change the set-up of the cycle, so the rider can maintain their optimal cycling position. The flexibility of this design concept allows Theraplay to maintain lower manufacturing costs to provide better value to customers.


Theraplay cycles have been designed with six key criteria in mind:

  • If the cycling experience is fun for the rider then the rider will want to cycle more often
  • Cycling has significant health benefits for the rider
  • Cyclists with special needs may not be aware of the dangers in cycling so we must always be aware of the safety of the rider and design with enhanced safety features
  • If the cycle looks good, the rider will feel good using it
  • The cycle must be suitable for the environment where it is going to be used
  • Our cycles will evolve as new ideas are generated and new materials and components become available.

Theraplay was created by a cyclist, his ambition was to make it possible for all children and adults with special needs to be able to cycle or participate in cycling. Age should not be a barrier, as cycling is appropriate for all ages from two years onwards.

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