Contoured-Fit cushions are designed to match the ergonomic shape of each person. The cushions come with two positioning  preferences, moderate or aggressive. Each off-the-shelf cushion has a Dartex zipper cover, incontinence barrier and visco-elastic liner and pressure relief options of choice.

The visco-elastic Sun-mate foam option meets the criteria for Medicare code E2607/E2608 and provides pressure equalization with almost no maintenance. The Syner-gel alternative offers some shear reduction with a pad located under the high-risk pelvic area. It also meets the E2607/E2608 Medicare code. Finally, there is the air pressure relief option that features a Star-Air insert with an adjustable air bladder. The combination of base foam and air delivers stability with pressure relief and meets the Medicare E2624/E2625 code.

While the Dartex zipper cover is standard, spacer mesh or reverse Dartex is available and additional removable covers can be ordered in either zipper or slip-on styles.