The Colibri is a new micro lightweight scooter from Invacare.  It has been developed with safety, comfort and design clearly in mind. It has a unique feature – the ingenious LifeLock system that enables the scooter to be easily dismantled in less than a minute, without tools. The LifeLock system is automatically released once the battery box is removed. Reassembling the scooter is said to be just as easy and secure – the front section fits into the rear section, then batter pack is replaced and finally the seat is set into position before scooting off.

According to Invacare, the individual parts of the scooter have been designed so the weight and balance makes lifting the dismantled scooter in and out of the car an effortless exercise. The scooter comes with a soft, padded seat with the option of an ‘easy fit’ suspension kit for added comfort when driving outdoors or over uneven ground. Other listed features are the ergonomic handlebar, non-scuff black tyres, an easy-to-use intuitive control panel, built-in safety reflectors and plastic basket. There is an optional wheel pack, together with a bigger battery pack for longer trips.

Last but not least, there is a range of smart, interchangeable coloured panels that can be swapped to match clothes or the mood of the driver. Choose from white, red, green, blue or orange.

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