Black & White Cabs has launched a new platform, DASH (Disability – Accessibility – Support – Hub), to help Australians with disabilities travel independently.

The platform provides services to NDIS participants including a dedicated support manager, a credit account, the ability to monitor trips, check NDIS plan spending and receive alerts when an account is reaching a low balance and nominating their preferred driver.

Participants, and their support coordinators or plan managers receive full access to the dashboard, enabling them to track participants’ trips and spending, granting them access to travel patterns to ensure they are armed with knowledge when it’s time to reapply for funding.

The DASH platform operates in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA.

Black & White Cabs managing director Greg Webb said DASH gives NDIS participants the tools to be independent when they travel with the fleet.

Once the limit has been reached or the agreement expires, the account is placed on hold to ensure there is no accidental spending outside the NDIS funding agreement, he said.  “The platform also provides an average trip spending amount, so if allocated funds are running low this feature will provide guidance on how many trips they have left.”

For DASH user Olivia Rowswell, who averages 98 trips per month according to her DASH platform, it’s the independence, flexibility and drivers that make Black & White Cabs an easy choice.

“The team were prompt and knowledgeable with all our questions at the beginning of my first plan and my mum worked closely with the NDIS coordinator and it gives me a safe way to get my destination and the independence to book and schedule trips. I have used the services across Queensland as well as interstate and the flexibility is a huge benefit”.

Black & White Cabs were the first to put ‘I love NDIS’ stickers on the fleets.