Native Seed Box took out the ‘Sustainable Product of the Year’ at the 2024 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, for its Seed Bombs.

“Seed Bombs are super sustainable way to garden but they also foster accessibility and green spaces for individuals with disabilities,” owner Natasha Ballard, told F2L.

“This recognition underscores our commitment to innovation and our dedication to creating solutions that empower individuals of all abilities, which was mentioned by one the judges, who said: ‘Anyone can garden using seed bombs, whether you are three or 93 years old.’”

Crafted with a blend of seeds, compost and clay, Seed Bombs require no bending tools or gardening experience. Simply throw and grow, a process Ballard said that makes them ideal for individuals with disabilities or elderly people with physical limitations.

“Once they germinate only watering is necessary. The balls are rolled in compost and clay and the clay protects the seeds to keep them ripe for germination, while the compost provides nutrients.  The balls are easily scattered with six different varieties including an everlasting daisy which is the one we recommend as they flower 10-12 months with prolific flowers.

“The products created a lot of interest at the show as we are new to the market and the only company doing this in earnest with native flowers.”

There are about 50 stockists mainly on the east coast, including museums, florists, nurseries and gift stores. “We do projects in schools and aged care facilities too. This is a market where there is no need for skills, as there are so many layers to gardening not just the physical act,” she said.

Photo: Natasha Ballard